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Trying to Make It Work

Thanks ah. You told him, but you didn't think I deserved to know?
Fugger bugger.

Deadlines are all zoom-zooming nearer. It's like Armageddon. It's coming and you know it, but you can't do anything to stop it.
Zoom zoom!

Had wanted to do a post thingum about religion stuff, but idk. Too personal. Haha.
I'll think about it on my lonesome ownsome (:

Skipped J1 today with Zameer, Kim and Ernysparklespice (haha. hi hao taught me that.)
Oh yeah, hi hao is Zhi Hao. And he calls me mikell. Right.
Went to makan McGriddles at some ulu Mac's. I wanted to cab there cos it was drizzling and I had no idea where the place was, but they laughed at me.

Marketing lecture was fun-ish. Sat with the Blowjob Boy and he stole Dana's jewelry stuff.

"Lunch" at Stadium. Josh and Sam "ching chong china man" joined afters. Peach tea from BizPark kicks ass!
Josh and Grace brought cameras, and we played around with that. But me no pics, cos me camera-shy (:
Went to the Squash courts to watch Eugene VS Sam, Sam VS Josh, Zameer VS Farhanah, Zameer VS Jaclyn, Jaclyn VS Joel, Joel VS... himself. Haha.

MedSoc was... bleagh. Got another C. Stupid stupid Cs! I refuse to get a C for any subject so I'm gonna join the ranks of MJ Muggers and study hard for exams!!

MedSoc group project was scary shit. We ran and ran and ran like crazy all over the place to get more paper, to get files, to hand it in. Whoosh! Never again, I tell you.
Marketing group report is gonna be awesome! We're gonna stroll there in the EARLY afternoon and pop our kick-ass report into the pigeon hole.

The parentals and one aunt are here for the sister's convocation.
I'm gonna hole myself up in school till 10pm tomorrow man. Haha.

Hokay. Sleepytime now.

P/S I have been BombayToast-free for two days! YAY ME!
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Project pileup like a stack of dirty dishes.

Hey alliterative "p"s and "d"s!
I miss Lit ):
I wanna do H3 Lit!! Haha. Sound like I'm some J1 kid... but I'm not :D
Just a hopeful polykid wanting to do Lit.
I wish we could do Lit for CDS. That'd be awesome shizz.

Got off the wrong side of the bed today.

Project stress stress stress!

Had one of my stupid thoughts today - What if I stayed in MJC? Haha. Joker right.
Life could be easier, or not.
Life could be more mechanical, or not.
Life could be more tiring, or not.
Life could be more fun, or not.
Life could be a string of U's, or not.

I dunno. Kinda wish I could get the best of both worlds. Or have I said that before? IDK.

Collected SGC with Jac at TK on Thursday. Was fun to see the juniors again. Haha. Stupid Kang Wei, Jessica, Xiao Jia, Belinda, Tiffany and Cheryl (: And Meryl went and sprained her leg. And Sarah Ann who didn't do my online survey!!

Thursday was a laughter-day. Blame it on Jaclyn and her cheap thrills.

Had Batch dinner the other day night at Siglap Pizza Hut. It's nice that the Batch still gets together now and then (:
Haha. Had a chance to catch up with Joan.  ben lian! Walked around Siglap for a while, ended up at ICC where only Joan bought ice-cream. Lawl.
Bused home with JJ and Cherie, 3/5 of the 31 gang. Where's ZY and Cheryl?!?!

TKBand Homecoming next Saturday! YAY!
Plus Brian's gig-thingaling at the Arena.
Double yay!

Now, just have to get through project deadlines for the week
- MedSoc report, due Monday 5pm
-Marketing report, due Friday 5pm
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(no subject)

Wow. Time just zooms past, without us even realising it. It's been seven months and counting. It's alright that you're no longer here. Just say "hi" once in a while, okay? I miss you thirteen swimmingpool-loads (: I should stop being so sentimental and keeping every piece of nonsense that I've accumulated. Letters received  the past don't mean much nowadays. Promises made months ago just stop becoming real. Memories count for nothing. The night's all ours. And why do I keep seeing you? Damnit. I wish I could let you into my life, but I can't and I won't because in the long run, it's just gonna suck. How do you do it? That chance encounter was enough to make me question all sorts of things. What if what if what if. We spend our lives thinking, choosing, deciding, what the hell is it all for? Alternate universes would be cool, but whose universe would alternate with whose? The grass is always greener on the other side, but how do you know for sure? Opportunities always come (and go), but how do you know which is the right one for you? Finally I understand what people have been writing about. Tiny things like split-second glances mean something. I'm tired of picking up the mess after you. Stop acting so dumb. You know what you mean, and I know what you mean but you still want to fake it. So much hopes, so many dreams. Waiting waiting and waiting. I'm in slow motion while the rest of the world's on fast-forward. I wish I could be more like you. Dont' ignore me like that. We're so different right now, have been and always will be. It's not gonna happen but I wish it would. We could have been awesome friends but the moments slipped past us. You give the best hugs ever. I don't think you remember me, but I remember you. I loved it, short and sweet and so you. You were a mistake, and my favourite one at that. Everybody has issues, some just hide it better than others. What wouldn't I give. The song that we loved. You're not always alone, you know. Sometimes, impulsive actions might just be the best things you ever do. I dont' need a hero. We study so that we can get jobs and so that we can satisfy the basic needs of life, but how do we learn to live? Shit happens. It's okay that I like the red ones and you like the orange ones. We only got close towards the end, but it still wasn't enough. Nachos are best eaten with you. Don't tell me you forgot all about it. Second chance?

Hey you. I feel so bad right now. But I don't know how to make it up to you, dinner's on me? I'm really really so so so sorry! Was having a bad day, but that's no excuse. So I'm sorry. I truly am.
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silver moon's sparkling.

Have I slept too much or something?
I feel super lethargic nowadays, like my eyes are so tired they're just gonna succumb to gravity and fall off.
Need sleep need sleep need sleep!!
Gonna tuck myself into bed tonight by latest, 10.30pm.

I got my first C. In CMMarketing Journal.
A bloody C. I wasn't expecting an A lah, but I dunno... maybe a B?





15% of my Marketing grade is a C!
But I'm gonna look on the bright side. I still have 85% to make it right, right? (: Thanks B!

Human nature. Human nature. Human nature. How many times can we blame it on human nature before we realize that it's just ourselves?

Busy busy busy bee.
So much things to go do

SHOPPING! I know I said I was gonna spend less and all, but I need the therapy okay! And it's GSS!
- Get a backpack. 'Cos I'm sick of the AbsolutV bag and I want to feel weight on both my shoulders.

SCHOOLWORK! So many assignments and projects piling up like craaaazy!
- MedSoc Project
- Marketing Project
- Marketing Journal
- GDF Brochure
- GDF Posters

Last deadline is 7th August. July is not gonna be a good month. Le sigh.
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(no subject)

YAY CDS Selection!
Set the alarm for 12pm so that I could get up and register for it early. Woke up at about 11plus, disabled the alarm and went online to do useless stuff like watching How I Met Your Mother.
Got the shock of my life when WL suddenly asked me on MSN "wad cds you choose?" at 4
Turned the room upside-down looking for the damn piece of paper that guides tech-noobs like me on how to do CDS selection.
Took a deep breath and logged into the site.
And freaking hell!
I couldn't get in!

Invalid Password!
Invalid Password!
Invalid Password!
Invalid Password!
Invalid Password!

I nearly hyperventilated.
Kept spamming the convo window with !!!!!!!!!! and CAPITALS.
Finally I got it right. Bloody hell, just add a CAPITAL T to the password only.
Cheat my hyperventilation system.

Took ages to pick and arrange my preferences though. In the end I chose

All pretty cool stuff. Hoping I get French or Socio. Wouldn't mind either.

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Awesome day today yesterday out with BirthdayGirl, Brian, Nikki and Wei Rong.
Planned so much stuff, but it all failed ): Sucks man. Okay lah, actually not so suck for me but for Brian cos I just planned and he has to go call people and all that. Haha. Thanks Brian!

Met with idiot Nikki at 2 at PP. And that idiot keep whining about studying and mugging. Annoying shit! So from Parkway, we went to Funan then back to Parkway. So smart right? In the end, we made it to Plaza Sing to meet Wei Rong and I dropped off my Starbucks stuff byebye!
Heh. I made a mistake, told Wei Rong to meet us at 6, but we only reached at 6.30 so when we met her, she had on her "pissed" face. Sorry Idol!!
Went to Fish and Co. first and when we sat down, the two JC nerds took out Econs notes and tried to study -.-

Finally got seats inside and the two idiots showed up! Yay!

Dinner was bitchy as usual and gay with Nikki and Brian gaying around and evil with Jo force-feeding Brian and quiet with Idol being tired. Haha.
Waited super-long for the cake/macaroon thing to come out. Zhaf's contribution!
And apparently Jo wasn't the only 19th June baby. I think there were 4 others? Haha. At the same time that Jo got her cake, some table next to us got theirs too! And their cake pwn ours man. Haha.
Jo got freaked out by the sparkler they gave. Haha.

Macaroon cake was yummy! Thanks bitch.

Went to watch Get Smart afterwards. Thanks Jo! (:
It was damn funny man. Quite surprised that it was only PG leh. Haha. And I still wanna watch Zohan!!!
Movie ended late, about 11.45 plus. Cabbed home, cos I was so damn tired.

Off to sleep now. G'night!

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Ooh! Double-entry day(night)!

Sony Ericsson G900 is OUT!

Gadget geek in me is like :D
Drool drool drool.

BUT I have learned my lesson from the FatPhone. I shall wait a couple months from now, so that they'd have brought in the newer ones that are less bug-gy (: Yay, just nice in September!

Plus, I ordered my laptop already. YAY THEODORE! And, nope it's not a pink laptop so Theodore ain't gay... yet! Cos I'm thinking of going to do laptop skin or something. Black just seems boring.

Haha. Funny story...
Last Thursday, went for IT Fair with the Brother to check out notebooks. Saw the Fujitsu S6510, realised that school one sell cheaper. Went home, checked out the school site, and accidentally ordered it online.
Freaked out like crazy! Next day (Friday), called them and canceled order. Went to IT Fair again to look at S6510 somemore.
And today, I ordered the S6510 again! Haha. But used the Brother's details.

And guess what? I never knew Fifi had the same Fujitsu laptop that I ordered! I thought hers was an Acer or something until tonight. Nice one! It's so cooool!
Can't wait to collect the laptop! ^^ Hope it'll be on the first week of school! Brother can't wait to kick me off the Pc and I can't wait to get "Theodore". Awesome! (:

On to school stuff.
Contrary to popular belief, Poly kids do not slack around all the time okay! Or at least, my course cannot.
Just like how JC kids have MYE the day after holidays, CMM Y1 have assignment to hand in...
Trying to do MedSoc assignment (due on Monday)
And I'm still stuck at "Dear Sir/Madam...."
Nice one.

Had Group Meet on Monday at the unbelievably hour of 10AM! Jaaaaclyn!!
OMG. Speaking of the duck, I got a so-funny-it's-you're-gonna-pee-in-your-pants-hilarious story. Hahahahaha!
Anyway, it was pretty productive, yadda yadda yadda.

EH. End of school stuff. Haha.

Holidays pretty much been slothing around, talking to friends, rolling my eyes in response to the Grandmother's shoutings, watching TV shows online, going out and doing nonsense. Yup.

just keep swimming, just keep swimming

Haha. So shocking right? Michelle, a job? Doesn't go in a sentence unless there's laughter following it, as I've been told.

Anyways, YES I HAVE A JOB!
At PS Starbucks!

And as usual, life has to have drama.
Long story cut short.
I applied at PS on Friday, got interviewed, and they called me back on Sunday night. I went to apply at PP on Monday, got interviewed and told them about my PS situation. Call here, call there, wait wait wait wait...and in between, Suntec called me too! A million mixed signals later, I'm still in PS.

I dunno. I guess I would really really really really really really prefer to work at PP than PS. Cos, duh! It's Parkway. But I did apply at PS earlier and they did call me and everything so yeah...What's done is done.

): But I'm still kinda bummed out that I can't work at PP. And the chance of me working at PS then transferring to PP is like 0.00000001%. So yeah. What to do?

Contemplated not doing at all, but that'd so bitchy. Plus I already went for the "First Impressions" thingum at PS. And I got my green apron and stuff stuff and the manager (Allan) already registered me for classes and everything. ):
Plus, the first class is like, on Jo's birthday! At night too! ): I feel so bad!

Trying to be positive here.
Good thing about working at PS - I'll be able to get out of the East!
Uhh, I think that's all. Hmmm.

Think I'll probably work till the end of the year, or something? Heh.
Dunno how long I'll do it for.

Kinda wanna try out retail stuff too. BORDERS! Haha.

Shit man. Starbucks is like the deep end of the pool and I'm the beginner swimmer.
I am waaaay in over my head here.
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Writer's Block: A Last Day Well Spent

If you knew it was your last day on earth, how would you spend the time?
Cool question to think about, albeit a little morbid.
Hokay, here goes.

Say, tomorrow is my last day on earth. I got 24 hours, go go go!

I would...
- Spend the day with the specials!
- Go around Singapore eating all the awesome food.
- Write letters for the specials.
- Make a video. Say everything I've ever wanted to say.
- Plan the funeral. I want a pretty tombstone that stands out,no grey/white/black. Kelly green will do. Pose for a nice obituary photo.
- Drive a car. Preferably an Audi or Lexus. Convertibles, no sedans/SUV.
- Do the bungee thing.
- Play in (fake) snow at Snow City.  Not enough time to fly somewhere to play in real snow.
- Go to the beach. Chillax at the -dunnowhat-breakers (and write the letters and maybe do the video too)
- Get a fake tan, so that I won't have any more annoying tan lines.
- Fly back First Class to Indo for a few hours.
- Eat eat eat eat eat!
- Try weed.
- Try all alcohol.
- Try a cig.
- Hug my favorite peoples.
- Go for spa stuff. Get a French manicure, and a pedicure. I might be dying, but at least I'd look good.
- Lie on the bed and hope God made a mistake, 'cos I'm so far from being done with life.
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are you coming back?

SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO much to say!

Awesome! I suddenly have this image of me in the desert, gasping and crawling toward the oasis of holidays.

I've been having the craziest dreams ever! Like I dreamt, S died or something and he named me as the -idk whatchamacallit- as in, I inherit all his stuff. Whaaaat?
Then there was the one of me and B hanging around Chinatown (!!!) and L tagged along (boo!) and A appeared suddenly.

Annoying. You can never remember dreams once you wake up.
Haha. Suddenly remembered the most bizarre dreams I ever had: the one with C! Strange like super-strange!

Hokay. I forgot what I wanted to say...

Ooh! I finished Ugly Betty. YAYness! Gonna start on another show but dunno what's good. I am a  cable-deprived kid yo.

I miss Canal Control. How I would get so obsessed that I would ask anyone who talked to me to "SHUT UP! SHHH!" and then I would

1) Get a pretty high score and show it to Brian! Only to have him say "Yes Michelle, that's awesome!" with that drier-than-dry tone.
2) Get so frustrated with the damn puzzle and slam the phone shut and shove it in Brian's face.

Haha. Happy days of A101 man.

So I'm done with Mid-Semester Tests! Yippee yai yai.
MedSoc was kinda blah, cos I studied super last-minute while watching Singapore get thrashed by Uzbekistan in high definition.
 J1 was okay but the questions were open-ended, so yeah..

Had CMM forum thingy after J1 test with Ms.C, Mrs.N and Mr.D
Mostly talked about GDF Assgn1 and all. Yup.

Speaking of GDF (and EssGra), RESULTS ARE OUT ON VBUS!
Was talking to Jaclyn on MSN yesternight when she told me. Didn't want to check at first 'cos I was scared it'd be bad and affect my mood for J1 yadda yadda yadda.
But s'cool (:

Tomorrow's Batch Outing at freaking 11am! But I need to drop by school first to check up on my ez-link card. Man. It's a bitch being an SPR and moving schools.
Maybe I'll meet up with Zhaf in school and go down to HarbourFront. But that btchy doesn't wanna go. BTCH!

Saturday's TK Homecoming! Organised by 4A I think. And apparently you have to pay! Riight. Just gna stop by, say "hi!" and goooo! ISLAND CAFFEBAR??? Let's be "Marmalade Pantry people" and be "high-class" like Royce likes to say.
Haha. I remembered that time me and Fang went to de-stress and pig out on KFC after having Felicia and he was like "Eww, you lower your standards!" or summat liddat.

And Ryan who got voted off waaaay back in Sec3.
And Steph and Syaza who would complain about Ms.L with us.
And Lin who would pinch me awake during Mr.T.
And Shahidah with her big big big eyes and her laughter and her voice.
And Fatimah in her own little corner, sleeping away.
And and and and... SO MANY MANY MANY!

Hope 4F goes back on Saturday.
Wear green laces!

Hokay. Not wanting to sound unfilial but I wish the grandparents weren't here! Yeah I know they love us and they wanna see us study and graduate and yadda yadda yadda. But when they come here, they have a freaking entourage! My aunt comes, a maid comes... Let's hope to God that the rest of the family doesn't turn up. And that the grandparents plus entourage goes back to Padang soon! I mean, there's so much more people there who are able to take care of them and all.

Grr. I wish home could just be me and the sibs! And maybe a maid to clean up our pig-sty of an apartment (:

It's late. And Nescafe's wearing off, sortakindamaybe.
I wonder how the Gilmore Girls can drink coffee before bed...
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