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Say whaaat?
I can't believe it's almost been a month since the holidays started... And another month to school.

It's the F1 weekend. Zoom zoom!
Papi's here to watch the race..and to clean up the place. Haha. In his words, "kapal pecah".

Anyways. Been looking for DSLRs. But not too sure if I should buy leh. Cos I'm not that into photography. I'll probably just use the camera for the semester and then chuck to one side after that. It'll be fun to have a DSLR to play with but knowing me, I'll get bored pretty quickly. Unsurprisingly, Pap says to just buy. Haha.

Can't wait for payday already. Bank account's going lowlowlowlowlow.
And after promos, the nerds are coming out to play. So I'm gonna need funding for that.

Omg. Haven't been online for so long. I feel so hermit-ish. Haha. Okay gotta catch up on shows and this UK show, Skins that Z and Kim kept talking about. Haha.
Class BBQ was fun shit. We played "I never". Joel was the first to finish his drink. Haha. Most of the people left about 10 plus? Then, only Eugene Kim Z and I were left. Went to the cabana to talk, left at about 12-ish.

Gots to sleep soon.
Working full day tomorrow with Tx and 2nd shift with Marsella on Sunday and Office on Monday and Tuesday. And I think stock take's on Tuesday too. Zzzz.
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