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The heehee-ness of it all.

Sometimes it feels like I'm living in a bubble, They're having trouble. And I can't do anything..

Work has been fun with teddy bear wrapping papers and TTT and KOI/"dou" bubble tea. Seriously it is damn gooood!
Starting to sortakindamaybe like wrapping now. Haha. Saw Jerald and Khai the other day or two. Can't remember luh. Saw Vicky too!
S'been fun working at ameba. And seriously, my Chinese sucks so bad right now! Yesterday, there were these two Chinese-speakin girls who wanted to look for a present and I was trying to recommend some stuff but I couldn't!! I had to speak Chinglish lah. Oh well, my Oral was a Merit anyways. Stupid escalators. Was pretty fun yesterday, alot of people buying gifts and such. There was this couple who wanted to buy wedding presents and they ended up buying the Handzoff "anti-masturbatory" cream and the "Why Must I Have Sex With You" notepad. LOL. Never knew retail could be so fun!

Need to meet up with Fy soon! And Vicky!
And Jo, Brian, Nikki!
Bah. Stupid Promos and exams shit.

Class BBQ tmr! Yaaay!

And so sad, I'm apparently doomed with the FatPhone for another three years?? NOOO!
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