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Balloons Bubbles

Living the sloth life is fun. Sorta.
But when your PC's being cranky and you have the grandparents and entourage at home, the glittery, shiny fun starts to diminish.

Work's been pretty alright.
Got hooked on some Text Twist Turbo game, courtesy of the inQbox people. Haha.
And I found out that Kimberly is actually Cheam Ting Ting's best friend. Small world, small East Singapore.

Hey there.
Don't give up aright?
Hang in there just for a little longer.
It's gna be fine.

Been reading and reading and reading many many books. Giving my brain cells a break from school and just living happily in fictional worlds. Man, I feel like writing some fiction. But my ideas always seem to just float in and out of my mind.

Feel like blowing my pay and buying the entire series of Gossip Girl, or splurging on a DKNY watch. Haha. But must control!!

Brother suggested that I get another part-time holiday job. I don't mind. Anyone got lobang? Haha.
Working towards my laptop and G900.
Hopefully I'll change my phone by the end of this month.

Dinner with Royce, FL, Julien at Astons. Pretty fun catching up with them. Haha. Still the same old bitchy people. FL still "fu yan-ing" Royce.

Missing the class pretty badly ):
Don't know what happened to Sentosa plans. Hopefully, Josh will come up with more plans? Haha.

TV shows are starting again.
Yipee yai yai!
But so sian, got to wait one week for one episode. Zzzzzz.

Have yet to talk to L. Hopefully soon lah.

Promos are coming up. And all the JC kids are busy little bees, studying studying studying. Let's hope everyone I know gets promoted!
And the little ones studying for their Os too! Go Queks! Haha.

Sometimes it feels as if my mind is like a balloon. Not the full of air part, but just floating around with no particular place or target to reach, you know? Just carefree, aimless floating. Float float float...
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