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Words never mattered anyway.

Am supposed to be studying for Marketing, but am taking a break. A.. day-long break. Heh.
Just felt like LJ-ing for a while. Haven't updated in ages. Life's just been in fast-forward. But it's okay, after Wednesday life is gonna take a chill pill and chiiiill. Gonna do a proper update on life since the last week of school. Planetloads of stuff have happened and I still can't get my head around some of the things, yet.

One MedSoc paper got me more frazzled than the Big O's did. What the hell right.
Anyway, am a happy girl now because I have oatmeal squares! Yaaay!
Yeah I'm weird like that.
Ooh. And I just got wholemeal bread too. Double yaay. Haha. I am such a random eater.
Oatmeal squares taste good on their own. Wholemeal bread's fun to eat too. But mixing them up is a no-no.

It's been fun knowing you, but THIS HAS GOT TO STOP, alright? I cannot take this anymore.

Bp and Ny are gonna be so awesome if things could just go their way. Tres sigh.

And you, don't give up on her okay? Please. Just give her a little time and just keep talking to her, okay? Thanks (:

Two more to go. So let's go y'all!
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