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Last week of school,byebye! Haven't slept much in the last couple of days.

Celebrated Grace's birthday at SugarLoaf. Which is located deepdeep in Engine school and next to the swimming pools. I want to swimm. Anyways, it was an awesome lunch with awesome friends (: Everyone had their cameras, and we were snap-snapping every two seconds. Fun fun. But there was limited food, which sucked. Went back on Friday with Zam and Jac but the queue was long like long beans so we couldn't be bothered. Walked all around school looking for photocopying machines, even to the Bookshop (Jaclyn!!!) and we finally went to Engine one. Wlao, $20 over dollars for A2 printing?? Overpriced shit man. Though I think Selegie Road was more ex, what with cab rides, supper and all. I miss being nocturnal ): Selegie Road rush-printing with the crazies of Josh, Crystal, Eugene,Grace and Jaclyn was insane but fun. Haha. Overnight study sesh at Gracie's with Crystal on Thursday night/morning. Gracie was on high mode with all her "hee hee" moments. Haha. Can never look at tulips the same way again huh. Crystal was so cute, when her boy called and she was like "hello?" in this kawaii-nehx-worhx voice. Haha. Nice car, by the way dude. Crashed at home for a couple of hours before heading out to meet Lorong 27 friend. Zam came to school in a Wildcats (as in, HSM) shirt. Funny shizz. J1 was blah blah.Got B+ again. Went for my first MedSoc lecture of the term! Haha. Bloody hell. Paid attention like some crazy nerd, then he said he'd put up the slides on vbus. Sheesh. Trying to stop the swearing okay? Chilled with B on Friday night, and suddenly boomkababoom, its 7am on Saturday morning. But it was a good time together. Yay! And Mr.X was stopping by town on Saturday night before flying back on Sunday. So, double yay! Haha. I missed the duuuude. Thanks for all the awesome presents from all over the world, ya? (: Haha. One of the best 10 hours of my life! And yay, Fleshie's still with me noww. So fun. And, I FINALLY WATCHED DARK KNIGHT! Haha. I am so out of the loop, I know. Crazy walking/ busing around town to find tickets, ended up at Kallang Filmgarde. Shit location man, but whatevs lah. Dark Knight was the sexx! Haha. Felt a little geeky when I started linking Kim's group's MedSoc topic with the movie. Too much violence and you get bored. True shit. But Christian Bale was hot like hotcakes, and Heath Ledger? No words to describe. Anyways, its Indo independence day and Kim's birthday today! Happy 63rd and 17th! And I have work at 4.30 so kbye!
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