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The Way You make Me Feel

Michelle is a happy girl (: See that big smile?

Michelle thinks she might have screwed up her MedSoc presentation. But on the other hand, it's OVER already so what to do?

Michelle has really really bad blisters on her feet and they huuuurt!
Michelle has never had blisters before, and she never wants blisters ever again.

Michelle kinda wishes she doesn't have work training tomorrow because she'd rather a) play badminton with the class or b) watch movie with the class.
But Michelle also knows that for Theodore, she must work!

Michelle wants to go for breakfast with Bakie so baaad.
Michelle wishes there were more than just 24 hours in a day. How about 60?

Michelle thinks that BizPark nuggets kick-ass more than MJ nuggets. Speaking of which, Michelle misses MJ cheese tofu!

Michelle's craving ban mian. But is turned off by the boys' description of it. Shucks.

Michelle wants to see TW again.

YAY! Study saturday with the geeks. Michelle can't wait! To eat at Popeye's. Haha.
Dinner on Sunday night! Nikki's treat. Double yay!

Michelle can't wait for the 8th of August!

Michelle is tired to talking in third person, so Michelle shall say goodnight.
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